It's actually not about diet or medication. 

It's about meaning and healing.

For all of us who face difficulties at one time or another.
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PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO SEE OTHER TALKS I HAVE GIVEN - SICAF 2013 (Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival) SOUTH KOREA

SICAF Programmer and Manger Kyung Hwa LEE (Kaye) and professor and superb animator Mike Ngyuen.


BookFest Windsor 2012

Panel Discussion "PICTURING THE STORY"
(me, far left) (Alexander Finbow, middle) (moderator Karolyn Hart)
Glad to have been part of this excellent literary event!

Speaking to crowd at Roy Thomson Hall in TO


Celebrating Canada in UAE

2006 Invited to Abu Dhabi by the Canadian Embassy there to 'Celebrate Canada' in the UAE with other illustrators, authors and performers.

I'd like to include a small piece written by acclaimed Ottawa-based writer, Rachna Gilmore, who attended this uplifting event and expressed so eloquently what we all felt:
"We brought and shared stories from around the world because Canada is a nation of people from around the world...Sharing our stories is a way of making connections; it is as symbolic and powerful as sharing bread , and a celebration and affirmation of our common humanity."